A platform dedicated to enriching the work from home experience.

University Project

Designed In Collaboration With

Hashir Pervez


Marina Perez




What is Wiwo?

Wiwo is a platform dedicated to enriching the work from home experience. Wiwo allows the employer to monitor or keep track of an employee's wellbeing. Wiwo creates opportunities for casual interactions between coworkers. It helps employees take productive breaks & prevent burnout. Wiwo also enhances the community experience through fun within remote workplaces. Wiwo allows employees to organize their workday, pause and decompress when they need to & associate their remote workplace with pleasurable experiences.

Research + Context

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our world, its products, processes, and people as well. It introduced a new normal for us which included working from home. Through this project, we studied the effects of the pandemic on organizations, individuals, their wellbeing, and daily lives. These insights were used to guide and inspire our proposed solution to better help us balance wellbeing in the highly urbanized context that we are immersed in. Wiwo was designed to introduce the culture experienced in a physical workspace within the work-from-home
space. Wiwo is built upon the belief that fun, happiness, and a balanced mental state can boost productivity, thus helping not only employees but companies and our world as a whole.

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