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An inclusive whisk.


Designed for those with limited hand/finger functionality.

Professor - Raffi Tchakrian
Year - 2020


Vispa is a mechanical eggbeater/whisk 🥣 designed for people with limited hand/finger functionality. Particularly individuals with arthritis in the hand, individuals without fingers, arms, or hands, and individuals with other finger/hand related difficulties.

Not only is this whisk aesthetically pleasing and desirable, but it is equally functional, easy to use. The object allows the user to place their palm, elbow, chin ✋ 💪 (or any other body part) on the black treadle and push/swing it up and down with relative ease. This convenient mechanism turns one push down or swing into 25 rotations of the whisk blade.


The design process for this project began with ergonomic studies and the reverse engineering of existing mechanical whisks. Through my ergonomic study observations, I pinpointed many issues related to holding and operating the device. 

After using and observing the use of the device I began reverse-engineering the product. I was able to disassemble and remodel all 22 parts of the object. This helped me understand how to object was manufactured and why it was designed the way it was.


Through my more inclusive redesign of the mechanical whisk, I was able to reduce the overall assembly to just 14 parts. A total of 8 parts less than the current market standard, while also expanding on the overall usability and functionality of the device.

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