Deployable Structure

A rapidly deployable structure that transitions from a low-profile state to a much larger one in a matter of seconds.

University Project

Team: Mona Itani & Rafif Alhassen


Mirko Daneluzzo & Sayjel Patel 



Deployable Structure Render.jpg


Traditional buildings and infrastructure take a long time to construct, require substantial amounts of materials, human resources and cause disruption. My team and I were inspired to create a structure that could be rapidly deployed without exhausting human and material resources. 

This Deployable Structure is designed with the intention to transition from a low profile structure into a much larger one - rapidly. 

How does it work?

The structure is built upon a scissor mechanism where a combination of materials that possess elastic and rigid properties were used. These materials were carefully designed in order to control the tension and stability of the structure, allowing it to deploy and maintain structural integrity.

Artboard 1.png


Our Deployable Structure has several qualities that can help it be applied to a variety of functions. It acts as a shelter in a variety of scenarios, due to its ability to be closed and opened instantaneously. Or it can be configured to a telecommunications tower that can be deployed immediately in a remote area, etc.

Jumping Structure.jpg