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The world's first date-seed-based biocomposite material.

Small seeds, big change.

Professor - Miikka J. Lehtonen
Year Started - 2019

University Project Turned Startup with Nikhilesh Mohan.

DATEFORM, now an ARDH Collective solution.


DATEFORM is the world's first date-seed based solid surface material.


Every year, over 108 million kilograms of date seeds are discarded in the UAE. Made in the Emirates, DATEFORM turns waste into value by diverting date seeds from landfills and instead enriching our spaces with fascinating materials.

After conducting hundreds of tests over a span of two years, DATEFORM has been able to produce their solid surface bio-composite material in five different finishes: ‘Crater Dust’, ‘Mars Red’, ‘It’s Roasted - Raw’, ‘It’s Roasted - Gloss’ and ‘Yes It’s Date Seeds’. Each one of these finishes showcases a different granular state (crushed, roasted, or whole), texture, and colour.


DATEFORM's solid surface materials can be used to create countertops, flooring/tiling systems, wall cladding, shelving units, furniture, products and more. 

Pushing boundaries: DATEFORM’s materials are not limited to solid surfaces, the material is capable of being molded in a variety of complex forms to suit bespoke design needs.

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