Multidisciplinary Designer, Entrepreneur & More!

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Alhaan Ahmed is a Industrial & Strategic Designer who strives to create products that solve problems and create purposeful human experiences. He believes that the most pleasurable design work emerges from a process of empathising and understanding the user's physiological, psychological, social, and ideological needs.

Through his work, Alhaan focuses on humanising technology. Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the digital and physical landscape of our world, thus he feels that it is even more important for designers like him to ask why we create, who we are creating for and what are their expectations? These are some of the many questions Alhaan keeps in mind while going through his design process.


Alhaan has consistently worked at challenging himself with design projects that require an extensive amount of research, experimentation, and iteration. These processes have accelerated the development of Alhaan as a designer and consequently, his work has been appreciated and recognised by the industry.

Alhaan is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Design in Product Design & Strategic Design Management at the Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation.